• Allston Brighton CDC
  • Cambridge Economic Opportunity Committee
  • Cambridge Housing Authority
  • Codman Square NDC
  • EMPath
  • Heading Home
  • Homeowner's Rehab, Inc
  • Jewish Vocational Services
  • Lawrence Community Works
  • MAHA (Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance)
  • Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Quaboag Valley CDC
  • Somerville Community Corporation
  • The Neighborhood Developers
  • Asian Community Development Corporation
  • Compass Working Capital
  • Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation
  • One Family Inc.
  • 1199SEIU Massachusetts

Our Impact

Helping Small Business Owners Succeed! The Midas Collaborative’s Small Business Matched Savings Program has served over 300 low income entrepreneurs, with 89% graduating or still active within the program. The unique program offers dedicated savings accounts, financial education, small-business training, and matching funds. Participants are able to expand their business with equity, not debt, as well increase their income and net worth. Read more from our longitudinal study. 

Investing in College Success! Over 1,700 students boosted their financial capabability at three Massachusetts community colleges through the Invest In College Success pilot. Check out the final evaluation report and summary on the innovative private-public partnership.

High return on public investment! For every dollar in state funds expended in the Midas matched savings program, $64 in local investment was made and 43¢ in property taxes to support cities and towns. See related program evaluation here. See our latest Impact Report here

Increased personal savings! At of the end of 2017, over 1500 low/moderate income savers have banked $2.4 million in personal savings, and have been matched with $2.8 million from Midas donors, state and federal programs. See our latest Impact Report here

Leading for the kids! Midas members worked with partners to pass the first state-funded pilot program to assist 10 high schools in the Gateway Cities to integrate financial education in the high school curriculum. Calls, visits, and letters from Midas members to state legislators resulted in a state-supported pilot program to provide financial education public schools in 10 Gateway Cities across the state. See our latest Impact Report here

Credit improved! Matched savings and focused financial counseling increased credit scores of Midas graduates by 21%. See our latest Impact Report here

Got the Word Out! Over 80,000 low and moderate-income Mass residents in Gateway Cities and Boston neighborhoods received important consumer-protective, multilingual,  Massachusetts-specific financial guidance in the book “Staying Afloat: Managing Your Finances in the Changing Economy” See our latest Impact Report here