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Our 2020 MassSaves Summit will be held virtually throughout October 2020. More information coming soon!

Midas Collaborative Racism Statement

We see you and we support you.  We will continue to stand alongside you to fight for racial equality and against systemic racism.

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Financial Security Today


of Americans have six months of expenses saved


of Americans have enough to cover $1000 in emergency expenses


of Americans do not have emergency savings at all

Our Strategy for the Future

Midas matches participants' savings with a 1:1 to 4:1 ratio so they can purchase a life-changing asset. Assets purchased include first homes, higher education, small businesses, and more.

On the national level, Midas is a Prosperity Now Community Champion. Midas utilizes social media platforms daily to raise awareness on subjects related to national policy and program innovations.

At the state level, Midas engages in policy discussions on topics such as supporting personal savings, consumer financial protection, financial education, and reducing inequality while leading and supporting coalition work.

Our History

Midas was formed in 1999 as a network of four members within the offices of the Allston Brighton Community Development Corporation, which served as our fiscal sponsor in the early years. As families struggled to make ends meet, a new look at financial habits, personal savings, and investment decisions was in order. Midas began our work in economic development with a new strategy that incentivizes and supports asset acquisition through matched savings as a vehicle to enhance long-term financial and economic stability.






Support Us

Midas advances the financial security of low and moderate income residents across Massachusetts in collaboration with its member organizations and partners. We provide tools, services, and training to assist organizations and public officials to create more prosperous communities.

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